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Internet Marketing

Trapik Media Interaktib provides Internet marketing and advertising services to all companies interested in tapping the Internet market. We take on companies of all sizes (small businesses to large enterprises) from a broad range of industries, assisting them in positioning their products to and service to a niche market online.

The company utilizes standars-compliant technologies and best practices that are time tested. For example, we can develop an Internet banner advertising campaign for a health supplement - from the conceptual stage all the way to its deployment on our own vast network of web sites and portals to guarantee inflow of quality traffic to the client sites.

Our Internet marketing work has produced results that deliver on client objectives of staying competitive and dynamic in their field. The results of our Internet Marketing Service include significant increase of website visits, higher number of purchases, reduced attrition, and forming a loyal customer community.

We offer our clients Internet marketing plans that are substantial in their business growth yet requiring low CPA (cost per account):

Consultancy. Our best asset is our knowledge and experience of design, technologies, trends and future path of the Internet. We are your thinking partner. We focus on creating the best strategy for your business based on market research and competitive analyses conducted by a dedicated project team. Engaging us your Internet Marketing Consultants, we will ask the questions that will enable you to simplify your Internet marketing goals and identify the foremost objective. Further, we can help you with crafting a holistic approact that integrates your Internet marketing with the rest of your company's marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website and strategizing content so the target market online can find you easily and more frequently through the search engine results pages. Whether it is a full-blown web site development for Internet marketing purposes, or re-evaluating your current web site for a more focused approach. Our SEO expertise is geared towards organic or natural search engine results which tend to have a longer lasting effect when compared to Paid Advertising which on the other hand are great for time-defined Internet Marketing campaigns.

  • On-Site and On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Site and Off-Page Optimization
  • Site architecture improvements
  • Link building
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Social Network Marketing. Web 2.0 is all about the social network, where customers are connected and companies need to be connected to customers. Examples of our engagemennt are design of Facebook Pages with custom fBML for a unique looking page close to your product's or website's identity. We also seed links for the applications, situations and user-profiles specifically suited to your target market. We can manage your profiles (postings and updates) on tens of the most important and appropriate social networks for your brand/product/service.

Online Reputation Management (ORM). We help companies protect their name and identity with a proactive campaign that will ensure Search Engine Results Pages are showing the correct website, not the website or webpage of your detractors. We can also correct a negative ORM situation where your competitors and detractors are appearing on search engine results pages higher than your own company's website.

Website Development. Creating good yet functional web site design that will showcase your business and what you are about. Our web designs employ recognized standards such as CSS and XHTML for data-driven sites, and advanced scripting technologies such as AJAX, DHTML and Flash to increase the interactivity. Our web site designers and developers have the expertise of maximizing the potential of your site by attracting the target users and enhancing their online experience.

WordPress Themes. We offer design of custom WordPress themes and adapting existing web site designs onto WordPress themes. This is great for Clients who want to have the ability to update their own web site by using the WYSIWYG editing and publishing tools on WordPress. Contact us for custom WordPress Themes design

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Content Management & Maintenance. While the World Wide Web is still a text based universe, multimedia content has continued to grow exponentially and now consumes more than 50% of the global bandwidth. In addition to text content suvh as articles and stories, we can develop multimedia content such as video, audio, podcast and photos for your web site. Engage your web site visitors with engaging content and they will stay longer, and come back often for updated content. In You don't have to worry about updating your website content for what's in and what's new. You can focus on your core business while we take care of your web site's online content.

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Custom Logo Design. Trapik Media offers custom logo design and graphic services for your company, website, products and services. We follow an effective process in logo designing that enables us to produce a logo design reflect of both the branding and image that you want to achieve.

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E-commerce development. At it's simplest, we can help you sell on the Internet. For Internet only merchants this involves setting up a website with an online store capable of accepting orders and payments. For Brick and Mortar merchants, this may also involve integration of the web site's online store with the company's inventory database and POS. We have the experience in developing e-commerce solutions that maximize your sales and boost interest and enhance 'online shopping experience' for your customers. As an example, we have developed the Florabella Internet Florist web site in 2005 and the same web site is still a robust Intenet flower store as of 2009.

Market positioning based on niche market. We have programs for the specific purpose of bringing your site on the top ranking on the major Search Engines using the right search terms most sought after by your target customers.

Online advertising. Our team will thresh out creative tactics and strategic placements to increase your web presence that is made easier with our robust network of websites that will yield targeted traffic from rankings on organic search engine results.


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