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About Trapik Media Interaktib

Trapik Media Interaktib is an online marketing firm specializing in customer acquisition and turning site traffic into revenue stream.

We separate the curious from the serious, and the lookers from the buyers.

Trapik Media has assisted international companies in building brand awareness through online marketing and advertising strategies that are tailor-fit according to their needs, helping them achieve sustainable market interest for long-term profitability, continuous search engine presence, and customer affinity.

Whether your criteria is instant sales or brand currency, our strategic and tactical online marketing program ensures that your web site attracts mostly visitors who are truly interested on your products and services.

We take care of your company's strong online presence and we make sure your products and services reaches your target market.


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Trapik Media Team

Trapik Media provides a complete Project Team dedicated to each aspect of project development. Doing this ensures efficient work flow, timeline, troubleshooting mechanism, and maintaining focus on our project objectives and deliverables.

The Creative Team

We conceptualize and execute across all media platforms. Whether it be exemplary, synoptic designs, interactive online presentations, or tongue-in-cheek graphics fused with top-notch approach of making your product sellable. We appeal to a broad spectrum of markets and we embrace big ideas.

The Programming Team

Trapik Media has a solid infrastructure of work processes created with meticulous attention to detail. We have a sophisticated team of programmers with the ability to combine different technologies to make certain that no unnecessary disruptions will cause delay to the project development and client site maintenance.

Business Development Team

Trapik Media's "think tank" has a deep knowledge/understanding of the market and Internet users. Our team continuously evolves with emerging technologies and aggressively takes advantage of new innovation to produce dynamic online marketing and advertising strategies in sync with your company's changing needs.

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