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Philippine Florist E-commerce Site Get SEO Makeover.

Florabella is an Philippine Florist e-commerce website that offers flowers and gifts delivery via an Internet store. It has been receiving its fair share of organic traffic in its first two years of operation but its rankings has suffered in recent times due to the increased competition level and SEO sophistication of its rival Philippine Internet florists.

TrapikMedia performed a thorough SEO audit and analysis of the existing web site. We performed no less than a complete SEO overhaul, enhancing the ability of the site’s pages to rank on organic search engine results pages (SERPs) for highly competitive keywords among Philippine florists on the Internet.

A web site audit revealed that the code of existing florist site is still valid and sound but could use a “few” improvements to get it into shape and be able to compete in the tougher and more competitive Internet marketing environment.

  • On Page Optimization of the most important flower and gift products was given paramount importance. Specific category and product elements such as title, meta information and content were introduced.
  • The florist site’s URL architecture of dynamic URLs has been modified to generate Search Engine Friendly URLs that included category and product specifics.
  • Several Landing Pages were created for target keywords enhancing the ability to rank for highly coveted flower delivery search terms and refining the ability of the page’s content to engage a visitor, increase page views and ultimately to generate a lead or a sale.
  • A WordPress powered blog was installed to replace the old BlogSpot blog so that all PageRank are accumulated on the domain (eventhough the Blogspot blog resided on the florist URL via FTP publish integraton). The flower blog sports a customized WordPress theme, utilizes plugins for generation of data feeds and social web integration .

The above technical SEO features for the florist web site were complemented with  strategic action plans for Content Development and Link Building. Intensive SEO training and coaching has been administered to the site ownership so they can maintain the content with the goal of increasing relevance and generating attracting inbound links.

We are already noticing positive changes to this Philippine florist’s SERP rankings at only three weeks into the project.We are confident that we have delivered a sound SEO revamp to this Philippine florist and they are headed for better rankings on florist related SERPs


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